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Founded Nearly 20 Years ago Manta Machinery relies on Old Fashioned Honest approach from the Smallest Machine to the Largest Machine Purchase. So please give us a call, new machines are located each day.

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Haas Vertical Machining Centers

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Image of Haas VF-4

The Most popular verticals by your average to medium machine shop are the line of Haas Vertical Machining Centers  These Models range from the Haas VF-0, VF-1, VF-2, VF-3, VF-4, VF-5, VF-6, VF-7, VF-8, VF-9, VF-10 and also some intermittent models like VF-3YT and VF-5/50 Taper just to name a few. Learn More Here.

Haas CNC Lathes

Haas SL20THaas also has a Super Popular line of CNC Lathes. Earl Models were the "HL" series. 1998 saw the "SL" series and today Haas has the "ST" series. Some models are Haas SL-10T, Haas SL-20T, SL-30T, SL-40T with and without the "T" (No Tailstock). They also come with Live Tooling, and multi-Axis with Sub Spindle and extra Turret.

Please visit Manta Machinery For Listings
We have many Used Haas Lathes available. The ever so popular Haas SL30, ST30, SL-20T, ST20 and the large and ever powerful ST40 and SL-40T.

 You can check out what we have available by giving us a call right now. Machinery changes so fast that noone can keep up. So please , please give us a call..


Image of Haas VF-7

What about Tooling ? Do you need any Tooling ? Manta machinery has a strategic partnership with one of the leading and largest tooling resllers in the country. We really don't sell it but if you need it we can get it for you.  P: 352-596-1007


Some Example Videos Below !


Example of Used Haas VF-7 for Sale. Used Haas CNC Machining Center. VF-7 Used For Sale

Example of a Used Haas SL-30T. Haas CNC Machine. CNC Machinery, Haas SL30 for sale



Manta Mahinery Sales Phone: 352-596-1007 Tampa Bay Florida